Top 10 Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a state in the central part of India. It has a population of over 75 million people and is the second most populous state in India.The state is bounded by Uttar Pradesh to the north, Chhattisgarh to the east, Maharashtra to the south, and Gujarat to the west.Madhya Pradesh is a state in India. It’s known as the “Heart of India” because it has the lowest population density. It’s also one of the most developed states in India with a per capita GDP of $1,835, which is higher than the national average.This section provides an introduction to Madhya Pradesh, a state in India.


Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is called the ‘City of Lakes’ and rightly so. It has an amazing number of natural lakes and artificial lakes. The city is a blend of history, mesmerizing beauty and modernized planning. Here are the leading destinations in Bhopal you need to visit.

  • Bhimbekta
  • Upper Lake
  • Lower Lake
  • Van Vihar National Park
  • Bhojpur
  • National Museum of Mankind
  • State Museum of Madhya Pradesh
  • Birla Museum
  • Gohar Mahal
  • Minto Hall
  • Taj ul Masajid
  • Bhadbhada Dam

2. Indore

Situated on the banks of Rivers Khan and Sarawati, Indore, the largest city in Madhya Pradesh, is famous for its spectacular architecture. The land is update with the modern world but a visit to Indore will make you feel that you are in a different part of the world and an ancient one too. Given below are some of the top attractions in Indore.

  • Central Museum
  • Lal Baag Palace
  • Patalpani Waterfall
  • Pipliyapala Regional Park
  • Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tincha Fall
  • Indore White Church
  • Krishnapura Chhatris
  • Town Hall
  • Nehru Park


A blend of bravery and architecture is not uncommon in the ancient history. However, in Gwalior, you will find that the blend is unique. The glorious architecture stands proof of the expertise of the land in war and arts. Here are the leading attractions of Gwalior.

  • Gwalior Fort
  • Sun Temple
  • Jai Vilas Palace Museum
  • Gopachal Parvat
  • Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum
  • Teli Ka Mandir
  • Jivaji Rao Scindia Museum
  • Madhav National Park
  • Tigra Dam


One cannot help but think of Khajuraho sculptures the moment the name of the place is heard. The exquisite carvings are proof of the immortal architecture of the land. A perfect example of Indo-Aryan architecture, the sculptures stand the test of time. Here are the leading destinations in Khajuraho.

  • Khajuraho Temples
  • Ajaigarh Fort
  • Panna National Park
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Dhubela Museum
  • Kalinjar Fort
  • Beni Sagar Dam


Ujjain is considered one among the seven important Hindi pilgrim centers to attain mukthi. Located on Shipra River banks, the city attracts pilgrims in great numbers. This ancient city was once the center of learning. Given below are some of the leading destinations here.

  • Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple
  • Kal Bhairav Temple
  • Chintaman Ganesh Temple
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Kalideh Palace
  • Vikram Kirti Mandir Museum

6.Buxar Fort

The ancient fort situated in Buxar along the Ganges River was constructed in 1054 AD. The carvings found in the fort offer amazing views and the construction of the fort is outstanding. While you are here, do not miss some of the tourist attractions nearby, which include Gauri Shankar Temple and Nath Baba Temple.

7.Navlakha Palace

The Navlakha Palace is a palace of Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire.The Navlakha Palace is located in the city of Jammu and Kashmir. It was built by Maharaja Duleep Singh, who was the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. The palace was constructed between 1869 and 1871. The palace is located in an area that has been called “the Jewel Box” by locals because of its beauty and splendor.The Navlakha Palace is a palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. It was built by Maharana Jai Singh II in 1777. It is located on the banks of Pichola Lake and has been a popular tourist attraction since its inception. The palace is also known as the “Palace of Winds” because it has 365 windows and 12 doors which allow the wind to flow through it.This section discusses about the Navlakha Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India which was built by Maharana Jai Singh II in 1777. The palace is located on the banks of Pichola Lake and has been a popular tourist attraction since its inception. The palace is also known as “Palace of Winds” because it has 365 windows and 12 doors which allow wind to flow through it.

8.Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall

The Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall is a place to commemorate the life and work of Hieun Tsang, a Chinese diplomat and scholar who helped the French government establish diplomatic relations with China. The hall was built in 1972 and is located in the heart of Beijing.It was built as a memorial to Tsang’s contribution and sacrifice for Sino-French relations during his lifetime.The hall has an exhibition room, where visitors can learn about Tsang’s life, his achievements, as well as his contributions to Sino-French relations.It also has three large rooms that are used for meetings or conferences.

9.Jalmandir Temple

The Jalmandir Temple is a Hindu temple in the city of Varanasi, India. It is one of the oldest temples in the city and was built by King Bhagiratha’s son, Jalandhar. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it has an idol of Lord Ganesha in his form as Shivalinga.The Jalmandir Temple has been a site for worship for centuries and it is also popular among tourists because of its location near the river Ganges.The Jalmandir Temple is one of the oldest temples in India. It was built by King Bhoja in 1026 AD. The temple is located in the city of Dhara and it has been named after the word ‘Jal Mandir’ which means water temple.The Jalmandir Temple is a Hindu temple that was built by King Bhoja in 1026 AD. It is located in the city of Dhara and has been named after the word ‘Jal Mandir’ which means water temple.

10.Patna Museum

Patna Museum was constructed in 1917. The building is a blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture, it is one of the most popular places in Patna. The museum houses archaeological objects, paintings, sculptures and images by artists belonging to Hinduism and Buddhism. The museum also has a 200 million old fossil of a tree. At 12 noon every day, you can view picture source associated to culture. You will find the museum to provide information on the culture and tradition of the place. The museum remains closed on Mondays.

Conclusion: Places to Visit in Bihar

Bihar is a state in the eastern part of India. It is the 13th largest state in India, with an area of 94,163 sq km (36,357 sq miles), and an estimated population of 100 million.Bihar is the one of the most populous states in India, and is also one of the poorest. It’s been a major target for development, but the state has still not seen much progress. The main reason for this is that Bihar has been plagued by poverty and corruption, which has led to a lack of investment in infrastructure and education. In other words, Bihar has seen little to no progress because it’s been struggling with poverty and corruption – two things that are hard to overcome.We should not think of these AI writers as a replacement for human copywriters. They just provide assistance to the content writers by getting rid of writer’s block and generating content ideas at scale.

What is the famous item of Bihar?

Litti Chokha

The national dish of Bihar is Litti Chokha. It is also the regional dish of Bihar, Litti Chokha is its pride.

What is the old name of Bihar?

Bihar was known as Magadha in ancient times. It was a center of power, learning and culture. The Maurya empire as well as one of the world's greatest pacifist religions, Buddhism, arose from Magadha.

Is Bihar a rich state?

The economy of Bihar is one of the fastest-growing in India. It is largely service-based, with a significant share of agricultural and industrial sectors. The GDP of the state was ₹7,45,310 crores (US$94 billion) at the current market price (2022–23). 38.66% of GSDP (2022–23 est.)

Is Bihari food spicy?

For breakfast, they often eat Choora or Chura - made from flattened rice or poha and yoghurt. So instead of cooking the poha, you soak it in water first and then mix it with yoghurt and fruits. It's commonly prepared during festivals like Makar Sakranti. "People in Bihar like their food to be spicy.

What is the state sweet of Bihar?

Ask any person from Bihar about the most popular dessert of the state, thekua will be the most common reply! Also called thokwa (or thekariis), it is a deep-fried biscuit-like sweet dish made from atta, sugar (or jaggery) and ghee.

What is the main fruit of Bihar?

Bihar is the third largest producer of vegetables and fourth largest producer of fruits in the country. It is the largest producer of Litchi, Makhana, Guava, Lady's finger in India.


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