Top 4 Places To Visit In Tripura

One of the Seven Sister States in northeast India, Tripura, is a dream destination for nature lovers. It is surrounded on almost all sides by Bangladesh, the neighboring country. Unexplored forests, breathtaking valleys, gorgeous waterfalls and majestic mountains make Tripura a perfect land to unwind. The land is also rich in culture, which is reflected by the monuments and heritage sites here. Its ancient history and culture compel history lovers to visit the place. Here are the top destinations in Tripura.


Agartala would naturally be the first choice destination for those who visit Tripura. The land is rich in natural beauty and also boasts of being home to various tribes. Hence, it is a colorful representation of various cultures. Agartala is famous for beautiful palaces, monuments, temples and handicrafts. It has a rich past too. The monuments here are stunning reminders of the glorious past of Agartala. If you intend to tour Tripura, do not miss the top attractions in Agartala.

  • State Museum/ Ujjayanta Palace
  • Unakoti Hill
  • Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Heritage Park
  • Jampui Hills


Dharmanagar is the second largest city in Tripura and one of the most beautiful cities in India. It has a rich past, which is evident from the historic monuments and palaces found here. If you love history and are passionate about visiting ancient places, you would love your visit to Dharmanagar, where historic ruins take you to the past. Here are the top destinations in Dharmanagar.

  • Jampui Hills
  • Aflong
  • Kalibari Temple
  • Roa Wildlife Sanctuary


Located 55kms away from Agartala, Udaipur ranks third in the list of largest cities in Tripura. It is on the banks of River Gomati, the largest in Tripura. Famously referred to as the Lake City, it has also a number of temples and historic sites that attract tourists in great numbers. Here are some important places to visit in Udaipur.

  • Tripura Sundari Temple
  • Gunabati Group of Temples
  • Old Palace
  • Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bhubaneshwari Temple
  • Kalyan Sagar
  • Nazrul Granthagar
  • Tepania Eco-Park


Ambassa is one of the beautiful cities in Tripura. Very much like Tripura’s other top attractions, Ambassa too is famous for ancient temples. The picturesque settings and the rich culture of the land make it one of the leading attractions in Tripura. Here are some of the leading attractions of Ambassa.

  • Pilak
  • Chabimura
  • Neermahal Palace
  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Jagannath Temple

There are many other small cities and towns in Tripura that hold your senses captive. The sites of historical importance and places with breathtaking landscapes are much more than what I could manage to see during my short visit. Would you like to give me an idea on what I had missed to see in Tripura?


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